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Trends in SIS and LMS Solutions for K-12 Education

You've heard of the SIS and the LMS but have you heard of the IMS?... read more

Trends in Technologies Impacting Education in 2015

Top 10 strategic technologies relevant to the education field in 2015. ... read more

Tablets as Notebook Replacements

By 2016, 30% of enterprise devices will be tablets. How can education IT leaders decide which tablet to adopt?... read more

Improve Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

How can school systems ensure that their DR plans are as effective and responsive as possible?.... read more

Protecting Wired and Wireless Networks with 802.1X Authentication

What is 802.1X authentication and what combination of components and vendors will you need to deploy it? read more

Five Things About iPads That Might Surprise IT Leaders

Purchasing, deploying, and managing iPads in organizations is quite different when compared to purchasing, deploying and managing notebooks and desktop computers Find out how... read more

Emerging Technologies on the Rise in the Next 5 Years

Gesture control? Biometric authentication? Voice recognition? Are these technologies really going to effect how we use devices?... read more

Market Trends: Mobile Devices in K-12 Education

Will tablets and the Chromebook push desktop PC and notebooks out of the K-12 ecosystem? Why?... read more

Beyond Infrastructure

To change the rate and productivity of an IT organization, leaders need a new vocabulary to work with. What are some terms that will shift the mindset of your professionals? more

Evaluating Network Access Control Solutions for BYOD

A profile of 11 vendors in the NAC market. Excellent read for districts deploying BYOD projects. more

Business Trends Driving Education in 2015

What are the impacts of business trends on education IT? more

Articulating Technology Ecosystem Advantage to the Board

How can education technology leaders best communicate their strategies to the BOE? more

Social Media Strategies in Education

With more and more educators having a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, how should local educational agencies develop a meaningful social media policy? more

Best Practices in Sustainable Procurement for IT Goods and Services

In addition to TCO and SLA analyses, what actions can organizations take to identify the material sustainability issues related to their district's IT needs? more

Planning Scenarios for Personalized Instruction

With a greater demand for personalized instruction, what should education technology leaders be considering? more

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